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The Other City 2011 - Cluj, Paris/Saint-Denis, Kaiserslautern

Verfahrensprädikat: Information der am Verfahrensort zuständigen Kammer der Architekten und Ingenieurkonsulenten
Auftraggeber: wonderland - platform for european architecture
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Verfahrensart: Architekturpreis
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Mindesteignung: ArchitektIn, IngenieurkonsulentIn für Landschaftsplanung und Landschaftspflege, physische und juristische Personen
Abgabetermin: 26.06.2011
Aufgabenstellung: React to new challenges for urban space design of Cluj, Paris/Saint-Denis and Kaiserslautern! 2011 the Project Spaces are continuing to follow the idea to find sustainable and social development strategies in on-site workshops, lectures and open discussions which can lead to new practices in new effective cross-border co-operation in Europe.

 Send us your idea referring to one Project Space topic in form of one significant image and a short written description (max. 2.000 characters) per e-mail.

Cluj / Ro - VACANCY / Aug 2011
Create visions for the former industrial area of Cluj. The shift from an industrially productive society to a service based model in modern Europe has had many implications for the use of buildings. Old industrial buildings and spaces lost their functionality and as a result a history was forgotten or erased. Instead of working with the heritage of Europe’s industrial age, enormous areas were unused, left to decay. The Project Space Cluj is searching for unique and adequate approaches for the revitalisation of vacant zones in the city. Co-operation partners: AREA3, Frank Gassner

Paris - Saint-Denis / Fr - SOCIAL COHERENCE / Aug 2011
Find new strategies to foster a better social coherence in the banlieue of Paris. Social coherence is one of the vitally urgent issue of our cities. Parisian suburbs, more specifi cally those with high migrant rates and/or high unemployed teen rates, have a host of social problems which need to be dealt with. Driven by prejudice, portions of the French society exacerbate the problem by alienating them and causing them to be segregated from public life. The case study for this Project Space takes place in the underprivileged Quarter of Gare in Saint-Denis. This area is one of the most important development areas in the north-east Parisian Banlieue and is currently undergoing an enormous transformation process. Co-operation partners: le 6b, collectif exyzt, cochenko

Kaiserslautern / De - POST SHOPPING SHOPS / Sept 2011
Develop innovative soulutions for the deserted city center of Kaiserslautern. Even though they change frequently, the showcases of our cities are both eye catchers and milestones. As the “face”, the shops have a function of attracting or distracting the viewer. Nowadays however, many peripheral parts of our modern cities seem to be diseased by vacant shops, trading-down-efects and empty shopping streets. As the owners hope for new high paying renters, new shopping malls pop up around or in city centres, and ground fl oors of whole districts or even towns are threatened. As a result of the high mobilisation of the population and migration out of the cities, a sense of hollow emptiness has crept into the city centre. Co-operation partner: MESS
Absichtserklärung: A jury formed by wonderland board members and co-operation partners will select the 3 most interesting ideas for each Project Space. The winners will be supported with an adequate travel contribution, their workshop results will be published and they will get the opportunity to become wonderland member for the upcoming two years for free.
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Verfahrensorganisator: wonderland - platform for european architecture
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